Homeless Oxfordshire Book Club

This is the news we’ve been itching to announce… we have launched our very own online Book Club, which has also been named one of the ‘Editors Picks’ for this month by Daily Info Oxfordshire!

Poor literacy is one of the reasons that people find it hard to move on from homelessness, and we are on a mission to change this!

The subscription costs £4.99 which will give you access to our fantastic group or, for £10.99, we will also donate a book to our clients’ reading library!

Our first meeting will happen on 12th March and we will be joined by our friend and special guest, Angus Imrie, who has chosen the first book for us to discuss, ‘Such a Fun Age’ by Kiley Reid.

We dearly miss interacting with you in person and we hope that providing an online space will help us all to feel a little bit more connected at this continuously atypical time.

BUT if you need some more evidence about why you should join our club, here are few more reasons for you!

An infographic with the title 'why reading is good for you'. 

Subheadings include,
1) It stirs the imagination
2) It sparks curiosity
3) It improves communication
4) Learn new things
5) Helps you to relax
6) Can ease anxiety 

Infographic ends with the text 'We encourage our clients to read as much as possible for all of the reasons above. Why not join our book club and help someone start a new chapter?'

In addition to the wellbeing benefits of reading itself, if you join our book club you will get special discounts in our online shop when it re-opens this year.

Update for World Book Day

As you know, it’s #WorldBookDay2021 and at Homeless Oxfordshire we are true believers in the transformative power of words and literature.

One of our former clients, Lucy* has taken the time to record a special reading of a poem that she found really helpful in her recovery.

As we slowly emerge from the winter months, Mary Oliver’s, ‘A Summer’s Day’, seems very appropriate to share!

This poem is a special reading for you as a thank you to our fantastic supporters. We also want to say an extra big THANK YOU to Lucy for this beautiful reading.

Link to poetry reading on SoundCloud

Box showing a man reading with the text '£4.99 could better someone's literacy skills'