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Our impact

Homeless Oxfordshire provides an open door for people whose lives have been shaped by trauma and disadvantage; offering safety, stability and support when it is needed most.​


We made a vital impact during 2022-23, as the numbers show.
Even one cup of coffee makes a difference.

Impact reports

Why our work is needed

Homeless Oxfordshire provides a range of accommodation with access to high-quality, psychologically informed support for people facing homelessness, to help them take control of their lives.

The people most in need of our services have experienced trauma throughout their lives. This often starts with abuse and neglect in childhood and continues with mental and physical health challenges in adulthood.

Accessing the services they need can also be a struggle in an expensive county with a lack of affordable housing, insecurity in employment and reduced welfare provision. As homelessness across the country and the county continues to rise, all our services are in high demand. 

Homeless Oxfordshire is often the only organisation able to accommodate and support people whose complex needs result from severe trauma and disadvantage. We see everyone as individuals, we don’t discriminate, and we don’t give up on people – there is always the potential for things to be different.