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Why Support Homeless Oxfordshire?

However you choose to help, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Your kindness could be the catalyst for change in someone’s life. Helping them regain control and giving them hope both today and in the future.

How you can help

There are four main ways you can positively influence homeless people’s lives. Please select the options below and help us to make a difference today or contact us:



Make a one off or regular donation and change someone’s life



Take on a challenge and help us challenge homelessness


Work with us and together we can make a lasting change


Help make a lasting change and join our Volunteering Team

Help Us


Why 200 miles or km?
Why £200?

Because every night we provide 200 people & their dogs with a safe place to sleep. People who would otherwise be sleeping rough.

Join us! Step up the challenge!

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#StepUp200 #HomelessNotHopeless #JoinTheChallenge

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