A Gift that Gives

Sending a Gift that Gives Card will not only brighten up someone’s day, but your donation will also go directly towards helping improve the life of someone who is recovering from homelessness. Your donations really do help! 🙂

Your purchases make a difference!


“When I was sleeping rough in Oxford, one of the things that would really get me is, I'd be walking down the road, and I’d forgotten what I looked like. I’d get a reflection in the shop window and the person staring back at me was just some kind of ghost I didn't recognise.”

“I’d got used to losing everything but seeing  a family in a restaurant having a meal was the hardest. It was these  things that I really wanted.”

“I couldn’t really see anything that I wanted to happen in my future, until Homeless Oxfordshire showed me that these things really are possible.”

“I was at rock bottom.  They gave me a place in the world. It helped me out 100% and gave me time and support to rebuild my life..”

It’s not one thing that helps people recover from homelessness it’s lots of things – with each purchase from our shop you are helping us to do what we do best!


Thank you!

From everyone at Homeless Oxfordshire 🧡