Help us put the pieces of someone's life back together this Christmas

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Help us put the pieces of someone's life back together this Christmas

"I know it's cheesy, but hope, means pain ends."

"I always knew I had a problem, but I didn't think I would ever end up sleeping in a doorway. I didn't really want to live anymore. I kind of just gave up on myself. I just didn't really feel anything."  Lucy, client

Homelessness is not just for Christmas. Homelessness is a personal crisis people across Oxfordshire are living every day. And in a time of austerity and funding cuts, when homelessness numbers are rising, we need your help more than ever.

Help someone like Lucy this Christmas...

Lucy is a resident at Homeless Oxfordshire having entered our services through Sit Up. Lucy is now being supported in our community accommodation.

This is Lucy's story in her own words.

"I worked in recruitment and alcohol and other substances were my driving force in the job sadly. On the way to work, at about 6:30, I'd have a couple of vodka and diet Cokes. And then after work, half bottle of vodka and maybe a couple of wines. I was just surviving at that point. I wasn't very well mentally. Physically I was getting up to go to the gym, and drinking on the way, but I just wasn't in my right mind, and everyone around me knew that. But because I'm quite a determined person, or determined is probably the wrong word, but driven and stubborn I think is the right one, just to keep powering through. And as much as everyone was telling me to stop, I just wouldn't. I just kept going.

And it really kind of, you know, you work 12 hours a day and you go to sleep with your phone in your hand, and you wake up with your phone in your hand, checking emails and all sorts. So it was very demanding in that sense, but it's also very financially rewarding. And that enabled me to go traveling, which is something that that is a passion of mine."

Read Lucy's story here >

Your impact

It's not just one thing that helps someone to recover from homelessness it is a range of things.


£15 will help people feel human again, by providing access to toilets, hot showers  shower gel, towels, new underwear, clean clothes and toothbrush and toothpaste.

£25 will help people to thrive with access to a healthy diet, by providing three nutritional meals every day for one week for someone who is homeless.

£45 will help someone build up their resilience, by providing stable accommodation, individual support and activities to learn new skills.

£500 will help someone recover their lives, by providing a new home kit , advice on how to cook nutritional meals and getting back into employment.

How your support makes a difference

Nothing is more powerful than the voices of those we help. Find out how your support makes a difference through stories told by our clients, in their own words.

Read Emma's story here >

Read Penny's story here >

*We have changed the names of our clients to protect their identities 

Help us put the pieces of someone's life back together this Christmas


Pick your favourite Christmas tunes and save a life

Let's work together to support people out of homelessness for good


Make a one off or regular donation and change someone’s life



Take on a challenge and help us challenge homelessness


Work with us and together we can make a lasting change


Help make a lasting change and join our Volunteering Team

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Marie*, one of our clients came to us after 20 years of homelessness. It really is never too late to seek support - for some people, it can just be a case of not even knowing where to start. #HomelessOxfordshire #HomelessnotHopeless #HomelessnessUK #Stability #Support

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