Volunteers’ Week 2022 at Homeless Oxfordshire

Volunteers Week takes place the first week of June, from 1st to 7th, every year. It is a special opportunity for the UK to celebrate volunteers and say a big thank you for their generosity and kindness.

Volunteering is such an essential part of Homeless Oxfordshire. You offer additional support to staff, and let our clients know that people do care about what happens to them, helping them to feel less marginalised.


You might be interested or have some questions about volunteering. What should I expect from volunteering? Why volunteer? What can I gain from volunteering?


Let’s hear the answers to some of those questions from some recent student volunteers.


Ethan: We are running the upcoming Christchurch commemoration ball, and we chose Homeless Oxfordshire to be our charity partner. We are fundraising up to the ball and on the night to raise as much money as possible for this charity.


Andrew: We’re helping run a pop-up shop, giving out some items that have been donated, mostly clothes, shoes, books, to the clients here.


What do you like most about volunteering here? What do you enjoy about Homeless Oxfordshire?


Andrew: It's nice to get out of the house and do something that's completely separate from the university, my personal life and the things that I usually do. Meeting new people as well! I've met loads of new people today.


Lily: It's really, like a pressing issue right here where we live, and where we study. It’s not raising awareness for a cause hundreds of miles away.


Why did you want to come and volunteer at Homeless Oxfordshire?


Andrew: I've done some volunteering in the past and really enjoyed it. It gives you sort of like a bit of peace of mind to get out of the house and get away from the library and stuff. Our College selected Homeless Oxfordshire as a partner charity for the year and that's the reason that we got in touch today to come and help out.


Lily: I definitely wanted to focus on a local charity as I thought it could make a much bigger impact. I selected three local charities but I particularly wanted to help Homeless Oxfordshire, as I volunteered at a homeless charity back home in the past


Describe Homeless Oxfordshire in one word


Andrew: Warmth


Ethan: Important.


Lily: Connected.


Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Giving up your time to help another person is amazing a heartfelt thank you to all of our volunteers for their wonderful contribution to Homeless Oxfordshire.


Interested in volunteering?

Do you have a skill that you could share with us like gardening, yoga, or self-defence?  You can help us to make a difference in people’s lives today. Contact us: volunteering@homelessoxfordshire.uk