Our mission to support women in 2022

Homeless woman stood against wall

This year, we’re focusing on supporting women through our services. In the past year, we’ve seen a 40% increase in women accessing our services, which shows we’re facing a crisis when it comes to women becoming homeless and being able to access the right support. In this post, we’re sharing more about how we’re planning to use the funds we raise this year to support women in our local community.

Develop current provision for women

We’re planning to develop our current provision by  transforming  our Women’s Project into a psychologically informed environment. The women we accommodate and support have complex needs including losing custody of their children, family and relationship breakdown, offending behaviour, historic abuse, bereavement, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, childhood trauma and/or self-harm, eating disorders and interrelating problems that contribute to women’s homelessness and present barriers to recovery.

New and innovative ways to deliver our work and support our residents

We want to develop new and innovative ways to deliver our work with and alongside our female residents. We want to create opportunities for meaningful participation with our residents and experts by experience and act on what they tell us – co production in the true sense.

Raising funds to enhance support for female residents

But how are we going to do this? We know how important it is that you know where the funds we raise go, so here are some of the ways we’re planning to use donations to help support women who are homeless this year: 

  • Increase the number of women-only improved physical spaces
  • Introduce specialist workers –  LGBT+ and women champions across Homeless Oxfordshire
  • Introduce Peer Support Workers; women with lived experience. 
  • Provide supportive communal living experiences, safe and trusted environments for female residents
  • Develop our current trauma-informed approach, based on empathy, consistency, boundaries and an acknowledgement of the reality of each individual’s life
  • Develop a therapeutic programme with funding for regular psychological input for the residents. This might include art therapy and/or a clinical psychologist. 
  • Provide comprehensive training for the women’s project staff; trauma informed care, psychologically informed environments, co-dependent relationships, domestic abuse, sex working, attachment theory.
  • Increase availability and quality of women-only support for a practical and emotional circumstances
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the specific needs and approaches needed to support women; increased staff capacity, more compassionate attitudes towards women, improved practice, enhanced partnership working, improved co-producing. 

We've been able to help women who have become homeless this year with your support and many others still need your help...

We want to raise £10,000 to enable us in this time of crisis to carry on providing stable, positive & safe accommodation, individual support, exercise, self-belief and calm emotions for vulnerable women. 

Help us to end homelessness not just manage it

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