Homeless Oxfordshire selected as Oxford SU RAG beneficiary

We are thrilled to have been chosen by Oxford Raise and Give (RAG) as one of two local charities to receive up to £10,000! We were chosen by students during the Oxford SU Annual Elections from a pool of shortlisted charities.

Our gratitude goes to Oxford University students, the next generation of social activists, for recognising the work we do. With the help of people who feel strongly about creating social change, we can – and will – tackle the systems that lead to homelessness.

Homeless Oxfordshire supports people who have been marginalised by society. Our clients have suffered severe trauma which in some cases leads to substance misuse and complex ill mental health issues. Our work relies on funding and support from our local community to help the people who need it most.

The effects of the pandemic mean that homeless services are in more demand than ever. Thank you SO much Oxford RAG for supporting our cause during a particularly challenging time for people facing homelessness.