The COVID19 crisis stopped the world in its tracks, but we kept going.

Image says "Your kindness is contagious, you raised £31,000 for our emergency appeal - thank you"

Homeless Oxfordshire is one of the few front-line services that continued to operate throughout the COVID19 pandemic and it’s thanks to your support that we’ve been able to help of 200 service users stay safe during this time. When the COVID19 crisis stopped the world in its tracks, we kept going.

Throughout our emergency appeal, you donated a staggering £31,000, enabling us to carry on helping people to recover from homelessness. At a time when everyone was told to ‘stay at home’, your donations were crucial, helping us to carry on supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, who might not otherwise have had a safe place to go to.  

For that, we want to say a huge THANK YOU, but the journey doesn’t end there.  

As the UK slowly begins to resume a sense of normality, we must think forward about how we can continue to support the people who use our services. We have all experienced a sense of ‘crisis’ over the last few months, but for some people, living in a state of chaos and uncertainty is part of their daily lives.  

We want to inspire them to realise that this doesn’t have to be the case and that they can move on in their situation.  

Just £25 helps us to carry on providing stable, positive, and safe accommodation and individual support. Most importantly, it means that we have the resources to give people self-belief.  

You might wonder what else £25 can do. It enables us to provide necessary items such as tinned food, shower gel, loo roll, sanitiser and cleaning items for a hygienic living space, at a time when cleanliness is something on all of our minds. This amount of money enables us to provide ways for people to stay connected at a time when we all understand what it’s like to feel isolated.  

With your ongoing support, we can support people and challenge systems to make real change happen. 

Thank you again for your generosity and remember you can donate at any time through this link.