What does £3 a week mean to YOU?

To our clients it means everything.

By donating the cost of one coffee each week you can make a huge difference to someone who's is going through really rough times

Rachel is a client in our Women’s project. Worryingly we are seeing an increase of 40% in women using our Sit Up service. Women who find themselves sleeping rough, who are homeless or in insecure accommodation are acutely vulnerable.

The women we accommodate and support have complex needs including child welfare, family and relationship breakdown, offending behaviour, historic abuse, bereavement, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, childhood trauma and/or self-harm and interrelating problems that contribute to women’s homelessness and presents barriers to recovery


Our Solution

Homeless Oxfordshire offers women-only spaces that are safe, supportive communal living experiences with a trauma-informed approach, based on empathy, consistency, boundaries and an acknowledgement of the reality of each individual’s life. We support women like Rachel focusing on their strengths which helps them feel empowered and able to make their own choices for recovery.

Read about Rachel and how your donations are helping her to recover from homelessness

"Without Homeless Oxfordshire I think I'd still be using. I wouldn't be as far forward as I am, like attending my courses, trying to make my self better, pay my TV license and stuff......."

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