Now is the time to wake up to homelessness

Every year we join other organisations to spread awareness of homelessness and how we work with people to help them recover their lives.

In 2022 living on the streets, and surviving on food bank donations has become the norm.

We do not accept this, it is not a luxury to have a safe place to sleep and food to eat, it is a necessity.

You can make a difference by supporting our work!

Homelessness can happen to anyone and can happen for many reasons

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"Step into my shoes and live the life I am living, if you get as far as I am. Just maybe you will see how strong I am"


Mental Health and Wellbeing

mental health and Homeless Oxfordshire

There are many mental wellbeing benefits of keeping a pet. They can provide you with a sense of security and companionship throughout the day or night. Taking care of them might make you feel needed and wanted. This is especially beneficial for people who are homeless, as it reduces tension. Companionship from a pet can help to reduce anxiety while also enhancing self-esteem.*



We often have some furry companions around the hostel because we are the only supplier who will take dogs and their owners into our service, and we wonder how they feel?

They give our clients great power and are frequently a turning point because they teach people to care about something other than themselves. They give people a reason to get up in the morning and the love they give is unconditional

We are honoured to be able to provide a safe haven for the dogs of the homeless.

Lucy WEB

Life Trauma

Lucy speaks of her experience of substance abuse whilst working in recruitment.

"I first went into rehab in June 2015, because I'm an alcoholic. I was fired three times from the same job because they wanted me back, but they didn't want me in the kind of state I was in. I suffer from mental health illnesses as well and eating disorders. So it was all a very mixed bag, really.

I didn't really want to live anymore at all. I kind of just gave up on myself. So I ended up just very close to here, (Homeless Oxfordshire). I only lasted five weeks in rehab, and just couldn't cope with the regime so just left, but I had nowhere to go. So I ended up sleeping behind the Magistrate's court in Oxford."

Read Lucy's full story here


We were able to work with Lucy who has now successfully completed rehab, moved into her own accommodation and recently celebrated a year sober we are thrilled for her. This is the impact of the donations that we receive.

Your donations change lives