Nigel’s Story


I had always been a heavy drinker in my life, but it had never caused me any real issues. I was living with my father, who was diagnosed with cancer, which was about 10 years ago now. Sadly, he died because of it. I had to watch him go through all of that, it was…

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Izzy’s Story

Losing a child can have a catastrophic effect on a person’s mental health. For Izzy, losing her baby was a catalyst for change. At 15 years old, Izzy left her family home. Her house had a chaotic environment, one where she had suffered years of emotional and physical abuse. There came a point when she’d…

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Lucy’s Story – continued

Woman writing label on a box as if she is moving home

Last year, Homeless Oxfordshire spoke to Lucy, one of the clients in our Women’s Project. We caught up with her to find out about how her recovery journey is progressing.

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Rachel’s Story

Rachel is a client in our Women’s project. In her own words she describes how she came to be homeless and her hopes for the future. Becoming homeless “I was with someone who was stupidly doing heroin and I tried it. This led me down the path of losing my house, family. I was sofa…

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Lucy’s Story – part 1

Lucy* is one of our growing number of women clients, here she bravely shares her experiences of homelessness, substance misuse and how we have been able to accommodate and support her as she recovers.   “I first went into rehab in June 2015, because I’m an alcoholic. I was fired three times from the same…

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