Nigel’s Story


I had always been a heavy drinker in my life, but it had never caused me any real issues. I was living with my father, who was diagnosed with cancer, which was about 10 years ago now. Sadly, he died because of it. I had to watch him go through all of that, it was…

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Harry – Client at the Vineyard

Please note these responses were taken from a phone interview with Harry* on 1st March 2021. Harry’s answers are as close to the original as possible. Small grammatical changes have been made for readability purposes. It’s the little things in life that you don’t always realise are there until they are not there. Harry* current…

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Lucy’s Story – continued

Woman writing label on a box as if she is moving home

Last year, Homeless Oxfordshire spoke to Lucy, one of the clients in our Women’s Project. We caught up with her to find out about how her recovery journey is progressing.

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