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Steve - ex serviceman - Client

Why take part?

"It can happen to anybody. There's a saying that goes around, "You're only ever two paychecks away from homelessness if you think about it." So these services are important, and it's not just the needy that needs them. It can be anybody. Do you know what I mean?

It can be from bereavement, it can be from marital breakup, and you could still be working. That's the other thing here, even if you're working, they will still look after you for short period of time, but then they've got move-on places where they can put you and again help you get back on your feet."

"This ( the hostel) is where it starts. It's just the foundation of it.  You can get rooms in shared houses. If you need rehab, it can be organised. And these guys go and find the funding for that..

"Just think if you donate you can change a life"


Get moving with us 1-31 March

The beauty of a virtual event is there is no registration fee and anyone can take part...

Yes anyone!

All we ask is you do 200 of something that's a challenge for you. Be that miles, km, steps, sprints or lengths. Sign up to our fundraising online event using Give Penny, race up the leader board and share your achievements with friends.


  1. Download your information sheet. Choose your challenge, grab your friends or go it alone.
  2. Create a fundraising page on GivePenny.com just click on the symbol below.
  3. Download your free Poster to advertise at work, school, or the gym
  4. Challenge complete? Come back to website to download certificate of achievement.

Its not just one thing that helps people recover from homelessness its lots of things.

"If I hadn’t have come to O'Hanlon House, I wouldn't have ended up in the house that I'm in now,  I'd still been on the street. Having a bed to lay in, that's a start, and a hot shower, amazing.  Yeah, it was good to get a room. Have a room, roof over your head. Got meals every day; hot meals."         Matt, client



Your £200 (that's £1 per mile) could help someone like Matt thrive and have access to a healthy diet of 3 hot nutritious meals a day; to have a safe, clean and warm place to sleep every night, access to toilets, regular showers, clean clothes and underwear

                  You did it!!  We can't say thank you enough, go ahead and download this flashy certificate to show all of your friends (virtually of course)