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“When I was sleeping rough in Oxford, one of the things that would really get me is, I'd be walking down the road, and I’d forgotten what I looked like. I’d get a reflection in the shop window and the person staring back at me was just some kind of ghost I didn't recognise.”

“I’d got used to losing everything but seeing  a family in a restaurant having a meal was the hardest. It was these  things that I really wanted.”

“I couldn’t really see anything that I wanted to happen in my future, until Homeless Oxfordshire showed me that these things really are possible.”

“I was at rock bottom.  They gave me a place in the world. It helped me out 100% and gave me time and support to rebuild my life..”

It’s not one thing that helps people recover from homelessness it’s lots of things – with each purchase from our shop you are helping us to do what we do best!


Thank you!

From everyone at Homeless Oxfordshire 🧡