Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Our business partnerships benefit everyone. We’re able to deliver more resources and a better service to our clients. You get to promote your business and enjoy a bit of philanthropy.


Sponsor a Christmas Card

Paying for advertising to get your message across to potential customers can be expensive but we can offer you a very competitive price to help you raise your profile in the local area, with the added bonus that you’ll be helping people to recover from homelessness!


  1. Your company name can be placed on the inside left of a 2021 Christmas card design of your choosing. We sell these in our online shop and were one of our best-selling items in 2020. Christmas cards are sent all over the country, so your potential customer reach could extend to the whole of Oxfordshire and beyond!
  2. Organic promotion on our website and social media channels. Cumulatively our social media channels reach more than 5500 accounts that include companies, universities, radio stations, political stakeholders and many individuals who strongly believe in what we do. Your messages will be communicated to a captive audience.
  3. We will work with you to re-share your home-grown social media as well as work with you to produce original content that will help to amplify the message of your brand.

Sponsor the Homeless Oxfordshire Book Club

This online club was launched earlier this year to help combat literacy, and promote wellbeing amongst our clients. It has attracted attention from the local press with guest authors invited along  as well as a growing committed follower base!

In return for your sponsorship, you get:

  1. 5 free places on the online Homeless Oxfordshire Book Club for 1 year – you can distribute these places to your employees. This is a sure-fire way to help to improve staff wellbeing and help with team building!
  2. Promotion of your brand on our website
  3. A month’s linked promotion via our social media

Sponsoring a charity is a fantastic way to show the community that your business cares. By supporting us, you’ll play a part in solving homelessness in Oxfordshire by helping the people that society has left behind.


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🧠Clients come to us after experiencing trauma – recent & historic.
We offer them a safe space to recover, working with them to support their recovery & connecting them with specialist services tailored to their needs.

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