Unfair Britain

'Unfair Britain' above several raised hands and the image of a hand placing a vote in a ballot.

According to ‘Is Britain Fairer? (2018)’, a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, life is still unfair for many people in England.* The report states, “Homelessness is also on the rise, putting more people in a precarious position and particularly affecting people from ethnic minorities, disabled people and other at-risk groups.” That was…

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Re: criticism to re-open night-shelters

In principle, we believe that everything should be done to ensure that people have a safe space to sleep in extreme weather. However, night shelters have always been an immediate, emergency response and are not long-term solutions. Thanks to MHCLG funding and the City Council’s provision of hotels and other interim support that has been…

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No home or abusive home? The life or death decision.

Silhouette of a woman walking down some steps to leave a building

Recently we spotted a great story about three survivors of domestic abuse who began a furniture project to provide women with furnishings who might have lost their possessions as a result of fleeing a violent home. These women turned their horrific experiences into something positive to help others. This resonates with us and our belief…

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The ‘wicked problem’ of homelessness

What does it mean and what can you do? A ‘wicked problem’ has lots of causes. It’s a problem that is difficult to describe and doesn’t have a simple solution. It can’t be solved by using standard techniques… in fact, doing things the old way might even make the problem worse.1   Homelessness fits into this description, it’s messy and it’s complicated, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be solved.   It does, however, require…

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Homeless Veterans

…It’s not just somewhere they can come in and shelter. It’s somewhere where there is information available.” – John, ex-serviceman.   As Armed Forces Day 2020 approaches, we hope to raise awareness of issues facing ex-servicemen and women who might have fallen into homelessness. Homeless Oxfordshire provides a safe space for ex-service people such as John, who used our…

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