Homeless Oxfordshire

More TOAST Less Homelessness

TOAST is the basic breakfast at our shelters, on busy days we can feed up to 200 people, we need your help more than ever to continue to house and feed Oxfordshire’s homeless.

Homeless Oxfordshire (formally Oxford Homeless Pathways) is the main provider of accommodation for single homeless people across the county. In fact, we are 1 of only 13 homeless supported housing organisations across England with over hundred rooms. Our aim is to provide a range of housing and high quality support that enables homeless people to have a safe space in which they can begin to take control of their own lives and to learn how to thrive. This includes a 24 hour hostel and over 28 properties in the local community. We help homeless people deal with the complex issues that led to them becoming homeless in the first place. Working closely with each person to build their resilience and their life skills, we help them put their lives back together. Across Oxfordshire local businesses and individuals are taking part and helping with TOAST. By donating you will also help us provide 3 nutritional meals a day, medical care, hot showers, clean clothes, soap, toothpaste/toothbrush – all those things we take for granted.To get involved make a donation and upload a picture with your morning TOAST!

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