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Homeless Oxfordshire

Archive for April 2018

Jon’s Story

Jon was struggling. With issues around drug dealing, sex working and financial abuse, he saw no light at the end of the tunnel. In his despair, he turned to Homeless Oxfordshire for help. As a high priority, vulnerable client, we got to work fast, creating a safe and well-monitored space for Jon to live comfortably…

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Homeless Oxfordshire rebrand

Change is good. We help people change their lives on a daily basis. So it makes sense for us to evolve too. You might have noticed we recently changed our name from Oxford Homeless Pathways to Homeless Oxfordshire. Curious about our rebrand? Here’s why we did it: Economical – cuts in statutory funding meant we…

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Tommy’s Story

How did you end up homeless? I’ve always been getting in to trouble unfortunately, been getting in and out of prison since I was 15. I’d go to prison, then when I’d get out I’d stay with family, or sofa surf round friends flats. I’m 39 now, so this pattern has been going on for…

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